Structural Biology & Biophysics Program @ Duke University

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Hashim Al-Hashimi

NMR spectroscopic and computational methods for understanding the structural and dynamic properties of nucleic acids and their role in folding, recognition and catalysis. (website)

Lorena S. Beese

Structure and mechanism of proteins and macromolecular assemblies central to DNA replication, DNA repair and cellular signaling. X-ray crystallography. Structure-based drug design. Cancer biology. (website)

David Beratan

Molecular mechanisms that enable the function of complex biological machines and molecular materials (website)

Richard G Brennan

Structural and biochemical aspects of gene expression regulation, transcriptional control of multidrug resistance. X-ray crystallography. (website)

Nicolas Buchler
Biology & Physics

Molecular mechanisms and the evolution of switches and oscillators in gene networks; systems biology; comparative genomics(website)

Patrick Charbonneau

Theory and simulation of dynamical properties of self-assembly of .e.g. glasses, gels, colloids, as well as protein aggregation and crystallization.(website)

Bruce R. Donald
Computer Science

Algorithms in structural molecular biology and proteomics. Computational methods in biomolecular NMR. Protein design and the non-ribosomal peptide synthetase pathway. (website)

Glenn Edwards

Biological physics and Free-Electron Laser (FEL) applications (website)

Sharyn Endow
Cell Biology

Motor mechanisms, including directionality and force production; mediation of spindle and chromosome dynamics by motors. (website)

Harold P. Erickson
Cell Biology

Mechanism of bacterial cell division, basic principles of assembly that apply to both FtsZ and tubulin, extracellular matrix and cell adhesion (website)

Michael C. Fitzgerald

Mass spectrometry, chemical synthesis, and biophysical techniques to investigate both fundamental and practical aspects of protein folding reactions. (website)

Katherine J. Franz

The confluence of inorganic, organic and biological chemistry; esp. bioinorganic chemistry of post-translational protein modifications and the role of metal ions in neurochemistry(website)

Jorg Grandl

The mechanism of activation of TRP (Transient Receptor Potential) ion channels by hot or cold temperatures. (website)

Amanda Hargrove

Developing small molecules to target nucleic acids in human disease. (website)

Brenton Hoffman
Biomedical Engineering

Visualizing Molecular Forces Across Specific Proteins in Living Cells. (website)

Dan Kiehart

Biophysical approaches to cellular, molecular and developmental biology. (website)

Seok-Yong Lee

Molecular mechanism of integral membrane proteins responsible for ion transport across cell membranes using a multidisciplinary approach including X-ray crystallography, biophysics and electrophysiology. (website)

Robert J. Lefkowitz

Molecular properties and regulatory mechanisms controlling the function of G protein-coupled receptors, (website)

Piotr Marszalek
Mech. Eng. / Mat. Sci.

AFM and single-molecule biophysics. Mechanical folding of individual proteins. Applications of AFM to DNA damage and repair studies. (website)

Thomas J. McIntosh
Cell Biology

(1) The composition, structure, and properties of membrane microdomains or "rafts", (2) the interactions between cell-lytic peptides and membranes, and (3) the use of bilayer vesicles in drug delivery. (website)

Terrence G. Oas

Protein folding; structure-function relationships of proteins; multidimensional NMR structure determination of macromolecules. (website)

David C. Richardson

Structural Bioinformatics: concepts and computer tools to visualize, analyze, and correct protein and RNA structures. (website)

Jane S. Richardson

3D structural bioinformatics of protein and RNA: structures, interactions, motions, & design; techniques for improving model accuracy. (website)

Scott C. Schmidler
Institute of Statistics & Decision Sciences

Theoretical and applied research in Bayesian statistics, bioinformatics, and computational biology. (website)

Maria A Schumacher

X-ray crystallography: atomic-level understanding of key biological processes involving protein-nucleic acid interactions, especially DNA segregation. (website)

Leonard D. Spicer

Structure-function studies of proteins using high-field NMR techniques; physical biochemistry. (website)

Warren Warren

Novel pulsed techniques, using controlled radiation fields to alter dynamics, usually ultrafast laser spectroscopy or nuclear magnetic resonance. (website)

Weitao Yang

Methods for quantum mechanical calculations of large systems. (website)

Kenichi Yokoyama

Enzyme Mechanisms, Radical Reactions, EPR spectroscopy, Natural Product Chemistry and Chemical Biology(website)

Stefan Zauscher
Mech. Eng. / Mat. Sci.

The structure- property- performance behavior of peptide polymers, synthetic polymers, and cross-linked hydrogels. (website)

Pei Zhou

Molecular recognition and conformation variability of protein complexes in crucial biomedical processes; state-of-the-art NMR techniques. (website)