Structural Biology & Biophysics Program @ Duke University

How to join: Current Duke Graduate Students

Recently admitted or current students interested in joining the program are encouraged to contact the Director of Graduate Studies ( Interested students will be included on all Program mailing lists. To obtain a Certificate in Structural Biology and Biophysics, students must have at least one Program faculty member on their thesis committee, must participate in the SBB seminar series throughout their graduate training and take the core courses in the SBB curriculum.

To obtain this Certificate: at some point the student must get a form from the SBB office, fill it out, have it signed by the SBB DGS, and submit it through the SBB office! This can be done only during the first part of a semester.

How to join: Duke Faculty

Faculty interested in joining the program are asked to contact the Director ( They will be invited to present a seminar in the SBB seminar series and will be subsequently included in the program upon recommendation of the SBB Executive Committee. Regular attendance at SBB seminar, participation in SBB292 (Tutorial Topics in Molecular Biophysics), and timely submission of materials for training grant applications are required for continued membership in the program.

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High resolution crystal structures reveal a common but subtle mode of local backbone motion -- the "backrub".

SBB student Ian Davis, Richardson lab
Structure. 2006 Feb;14(2):265-74