Several things played into my decision to join the Biophysics Program at Duke.  I think the most important is the opportunity the Program provides to learn and perform research in biophysics across fields and departments.  There is certainly a good collaborative atmosphere here, and it's growing stronger.  The faculty and resources are excellent, as are my fellow graduate students, co-conspirators in their respective fields.  Something else to be considered is that the area presents a lot of other opportunities to take part in, to balance out those times when science makes you want to kick a concrete wall really hard.

Andrew Ban

Being in the SBB program has allowed me to have stimulating discussions with people who have the same interests as me.

Preeti Chugha

I would encourage anyone with an interest in structural biology, particularly in bioStructural Biology and design, to consider the Structural Biology and Biophysics program here at Duke.  It brings together professors and students from Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biomedical Engineering for a dialogue on the forces that govern Structural Biology and structure.

Loren Looger




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