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The Structural Biology and Biophysics Program (SBB) provides a collegial environment for training in researching biological problems at the molecular level. Emphasis includes structure and function of proteins and nucleic acids, protein folding and design, the application of advanced physical and computational methods to the study of macromolecules, and the development of new methodologies to enhance such research. Specific areas of interest are described in the research summaries of participating Faculty,
and in faculty highlights.
A sample of student projects are shown as rotating images on some pages.
Current student projects are the usual subject of the SBB weekly seminars, see
Seminar series schedule: list of current and recent years
for a continually updated glimpse of (some) student and faculty interests.

Any Duke graduate student with compatible interests is welcome in the program, and can earn a Certificate in Structural Biology and Biophysics along with their PhD diploma by participating in the weekly seminar series and taking the core courses.
Students applying to the Duke University Graduate School who are interested in structural biology and/or biophysics are encouraged to consider the SBB group of faculty and students as an important part of their intellectual community.

The SBB program has a proven track record of supporting the needs of underrepresented minority students (such as ethnic minorities and individuals with disabilities). Our current students include 4 from underrepresented minorities. We have experience reviewing such applications, and the flexibility in our training program is excellent at accommodating special training requirements for all students. See also SBB-Duke diversity page.
      The Duke Disability Management System (DMS) is a centralized clearinghouse on disability-related information, procedures and services to ensure an accessible, hospitable working and learning environment for people with disabilities while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. These resources are available during recruitment and after matriculation.

SBB related Web Resources and Facilities -- The SBB member labs generate and maintain a variety of web services, software, etc. developed and used here but also of value to the wider community. The SBB depot page is our central entry to this material. See also SBB-relevant Duke facilities & organizations.

SBB Contact Info -- SBB program office: Jessica Rowland, SBB Admin.
3004-A, GSRBI (Snyderman Bldg.), 919-684-6559,

Harold P. Erickson, Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
412 Nanaline Duke Bldg., 919-684-6385,

Terry Oas, Director of the SBB Program
230 Nanaline Duke Bldg., 919-684-4363,

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